Student Activites List

Athletic clubs

NameActivitiesMeeting places
U-Aizu Outdoor Fishing, Camp, bungee jump and skydiving Circle room, ground
Tennis Circle Playing tennis, participating in tounaments Tennis court
Aizu Triathlon Team Triathlon, cycling, running and swimming Swimming pool, around UoA, etc.
Badminton Club Playing badminton, participating in tounaments Gymnasium, etc.
Yosakoi K Yosakoi, traditional Japanese dance In front of SRLU, Gymnasium
Basketball Club Playing basketball, participating in tounaments Gymnasium
Volleyball Club Playing volleyball Gymnasium, etc.
Flying Disc Club Playing flying disc and participating in conventions Gymnasium, ground, etc
Baseball Club Playing baseball for South Tohoku region games Ground, etc.
Swim Team Swimming, participating in conventions and publishing club papers Swimming pool
Table Tennis Club Playing table tennis, participating in tounaments Gymnasium
Soccer Club Playing soccer Ground
Nanshiki Baseball Club Playing Nanshiki baseball (A Japanese version of baseball played with a hard rubber ball) UoA and Junior college's grounds

Academic clubs

NameActivitiesMeeting places
ARC Sessions of TPRG (Table Talk Role Playing Game) Circle room
CUO Playing popular music Circle room
XPC Study meetings, lecture classes and regional contribution activities Lounge of research quadrangles
Aizu Photo Club Shooting photographs, studying in photography Circle room
Orchestra Dolce Playing symphony for events Lecture room M8, M9, M10
Keion Playing pop music for events Circle room
Wind Ensemble Playing music for events and concerts Circle room, lecture room M4, M5, M6, etc.
Furiten Joining Mahjong competition

Circle room, etc.

Planning and Development Club PandD Creating video games Circle room
Teams for ACM-ICPC Participating in ACM/ICPC Computer laboratory #5
Tegei Club Creating video games Circle room
Cartoon Consideration Club C-cube Publishing club magazines and drawing manga for school festival Lounge of research quadrangles, etc.
Aizu Active Association Social contribution activities

Athletic circles

NameActivitiesMeeting places
EBS Playing basketball Gymnasium
Kyugibu Playing ball sports (mainly basketball and volleyball) Gymnasium
Yakara Playing basketball Gymnasium
Karate Circle Practicing Karate Dojo
Street Dance Circle O.M.G Performing a dance at New Student Welcome Party & University Festival Gymnasium & Junior College Exercise Room A

Academic circles

NameActivitiesMeeting places
DMC DJ club
Drama Club Playing dramas for
regularly-scheduled performances
Auditorium, letture rooms,
circle room, etc.
Pokemon Circle Playing Pokemon with other universities, participating and holding conventions

Mixed Chorus

Chorus group for attending concerts Circle room
Aizu Entrepreneurs Club Joining contests about building company
Molding Laboratory Creating 3D objects Circle room, etc.
Astronomy Club Star watching
VR Club Studying how to create VR contents & Participatin in hackathon
Poker Circle Improving Poker skills & Participating in competitions


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