The University of Aizu is the first university in Japan solely dedicated to computer science and engineering. Computer science and engineering is a promising and cutting-edge discipline with wide applications, and is becoming a core for technology regarding knowledge production. With the founding principle, "Starting from Local Communities to the World" and "to Advance Knowledge for Humanity" (making breakthroughs that contribute to the peace and prosperity of mankind), the University of Aizu has conducted research and education in computer science and engineering to lead the world since the opening of the University, with a greater number of non-Japanese faculty members who have achieved outstanding research achievements than any other university in Japan.

The University of Aizu seeks individuals who will make constant efforts to realize the University's goal, "to Advance Knowledge for Humanity" in the field of computer science and engineering with an international outlook from the standpoint of the Aizu area.
Goals of the University of Aizu are as follows.

  1. Nurture internationally viable individuals as researchers, technical experts, leaders and entrepreneurs who will support technological innovations, rich in creativity and a high standard of ethics.
  2. Promote research and development in computer science and engineering to lead the world and to contribute to society and academia.
  3. Contribute to advancement of Fukushima prefecture's industry and culture by pursuing practicability and effectiveness in diversified areas related to education and research.

As knowledge and skills in computers will be acquired after admission, students should first have inquisitiveness, creativity and spirit to challenge unfamiliar subjects and the logic to pursue scientific issues. We give a hearty welcome to students who have aspirations for learning computer science and engineering, and choose the University of Aizu as their first choice.

Since advanced mathematics is required for research in computer science and engineering, the University has placed a strong emphasis on mathematics in its entrance examinations. Like it or not, the language presently used worldwide for communication involving computers is English. English proficiency in reading scientific papers and journals, and exchanging information is essential. For these reasons, the University of Aizu gives examinations in English and mathematics.

In this era, when the existence of computers is indispensable, skills and knowledge acquired by graduates from the University of Aizu have been highly evaluated. The University of Aizu has high expectations that application for admission will be made by students who have high aspirations.

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